Yamaha 26II Bb Clarinet (second hand, refurbished)

  • £249.00

The YCL-26II Bb clarinet allows beginning artists to learn on a clarinet that is affordable and low-maintenance-without sacrificing musical beauty. It combines a tough ABS resin body and durable Valentino pads with focused tone and enhanced flexibility.

Musicians who are just beginning to play deserve to start out with the best instrument in its class, The YCL-26II will enhance the sound of the beginning player. It's a strong instrument that requires minimal maintenance, important for both students and parents when making a significant purchasing decision.

The clarinet is made of ABS resin. Valentino pads are more durable, easier to repair, and less sensitive to temperature changes than other pads making them the student model choice, sharply reducing upkeep costs.


In Bb

The ABS resin body brings an excellent durability and resistance to damage.

Valentino pads – double skinned for long lasting life.

The silver-plated key finish is very durable. The hard metal that prevents both breakage and deformation that can alter the instrument's response over time.

Stainless steel spring material for excellent response and corrosion resistance.Adjustable Thumb rest.


ABS hard padded case. 

Reed (new)

Pull-through cleaner (new)


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