Classical Guitar Beginners Bundle (All sizes available - 4/4 pictured)

Classical Guitar Beginners Bundle (All sizes available - 4/4 pictured)

  • £73.00

Designed to be the perfect Classical Guitar beginners all-in-one bundle, this package is ideal for those looking to start their classical guitar journey in earnest.
Each bundle contains:

Jose Ferrer classical guitar - including guitar gigbag

Ideal as a first guitar and ideal for school or private music lessons, this Jose Ferrer guitar has been designed by guitar professionals for guitar students.

TGI foldable, lightweight guitar stand

Place your guitar upon this simple yet sturdy guitar stand. Let your guitar take pride of place. 

TGI clip-on chromatic tuner

Always stay in tune with a TGI tuner. You never have to worry about keeping your guitar in tune again. Just clip the tuner on the headstock of your guitar (or ukulele) - or your friend's guitar - and make sure you're in perfect harmony. 

TGI lightweight music stand in a black finish

Adjustable in height and angle, this TGI music stand will let you more easily view your favourite music books, printed tabs or even your phone or tablet (but be careful with phones and tablets obviously).

TGI guitarist's footstool

This adjustable footstool is designed to encourage correct position and posture during playing. 

Set of Augustine 'black' nylon strings

A professional set of strings to ensure you have a spare when required. 

PLEASE NOTE: These products are supplied as individual items in individual packaging. 

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