Carlsbro CD120 Electronic Drum Kit

  • £249.00

The Carlsbro CSD120 isn’t just one drum kit. Inside the Commander 120/130 brain are 250 diverse drum and percussion sounds arranged into 20 preset drum kits, with 10 additional kits that can be created and customized by the player. Each sound has been professionally preserved using CD-quality recording techniques. Built-in reverb adds a professional touch. Budding drummers can develop their skills by accompanying the 20 built-in songs, or use the Aux input to play along with their favorite songs via CD, MP3, etc. Illuminated buttons and a bright 3-digit LED display offer instant control. Stereo outputs connect the CSD120 to any amplifier or recording device; a headphone output is provided for private practice. Onboard MIDI and USB ports allow further expansion.

  • Highly-visible controls and 3-digit LED display
  • 250 distinct drum and percussion sounds
  • 20 preset kits and 10 user assignable kits
  • Selectable reverb effect
  • 20 'play-along' demo songs with mutable drum part
  • Record and playback features
  • Metronome 'click' function
  • AUX input (1/8” stereo) for jamming to CDs, MP3s, etc.
  • Left/right (1/4” phone) audio outputs
  • Headphone (1/8” stereo) output
  • MIDI (IN/OUT) ports
  • USB to device port
  • Full dynamic, sensitivity, and crosstalk adjustments

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