Jay Haide a L'ancienne Stradivari, 4/4 (Instrument only)

  • £1,895.00

Choice quality wood with an antique finish.

Set up with Dominant strings and good quality fittings.

Available in ‘Stradivari’, ‘Guarneri’, ‘Guadagnini’ and ‘Balestrieri’ models....please check with us for lead times as these instruments are in high demand.

‘Since its introduction over fifteen years ago, the à l’ancienne violins, violas, cellos and basses have become the flagship of the Jay Haide fleet. They are envied and copied by other makers, but as much as they have tried, none have come close to equaling them. Some have gone so far as to put facsimile labels of well known French and Italian makers in our instruments and selling them at much inflated prices. One of our ancienne violins even was given a certificate of authenticity from a well-known expert as an early 20th. century Italian violin with an insurance appraisal for $26,000.00! Because of this, every one of the à l’ancienne violin, viola, cello and bass now has a series of brands inside and out to deter the copyists.’ – (Jay Haide)

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