Mackie Creator Bundle

  • £225.00

This brand new bundle from Mackie is designed with content creation in mind; including the CR3-X 3” Multimedia Monitors, EM-USB USB Condenser Microphone, MC-100 Professional Headphones. It’s the perfect collection for content creators, podcasters, streaming and more.

The EM-USB Microphone has perfect detail with easy setup straight into your computer via high-speed USB-C. The MC-100 headphones give clear sound and noise isolation necessary for precise creation. For both editorial and pleasurable listening, the new CR3-X monitors deliver the absolute perfect studio-quality sound that viewers or listeners can get a well-balanced mix guaranteed.

• CR-3X Monitors
• EM-USB Microphone
• MC-100 Headphones
• Pro Tools | First (w/ 23 plugins)
• Waveform OEM (w/ 16 plugins)

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