pBugle Plastic Beginner Bugle (Red Only)

  • £29.95

pBugle Bb Bugle - Red

The pBugle is an affordable, real trumpet that can develop authentic beginner brass skills without the complication of learning to play valves. It is an amazing tool for large group brass teaching, concentrating all the focus of learning on the essentials of brass playing; breathing, buzzing, articulation and the harmonic series pBugle provides a great foundation for beginning a journey into the wonderful world of brass playing. It also makes fantastic practice aid for the experienced player and is great for keeping in shape for that important up-coming gig when on the road…

A brilliant crossover between toy and musical instrument, the pBugle has been designed especially for mini musicians. It is light weight and robust enough for a child to learn about brass playing through playful exploration. Brass instruments are easily dented, damaged and high maintenance. Because our pBugle is made from recyclable ABS plastic it is really robust, hard wearing and can withstand the inevitable rough treatment it may receive! Low maintenance and tough, the pBugle is a worry free and dependable instrument. The pBugle is the most affordable way for you to give your child a taste of playing a trumpet, before making a more costly commitment.

Great Value

Practice anywhere you can imagine, with this affordable pbugle, which includes a 7C plastic mouthpiece.

A Big Hit in Education

It's water-resistant, robust design makes it virtually indestructible, able to withstand any rough treatment it may receive.


The pBugle weighs only 250g, helping younger players to start on the instrument without worrying about the weight and balance of a heavy brass instrument.


  • Pitched in Bb

  • 5-inch Bell

  • .459" Bore

  • 7C Mouthpiece

  • Weight: 250g / 0.5lbs

  • Tuning slide with water key

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