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Social Saturday is an annual campaign which aims to celebrate and increase awareness of social enterprises - businesses that put people and planet first.

On 13 October 2018, we're hosting an instrument amnesty. This is a perfect chance to donate your unwanted musical instruments. So clear out the dusty loft, check the under stairs cupboard, raid the garage and bring your old, unwanted instruments to us. Instruments that are donated to us via our instrument amnesty on Social Saturday will be sold, donated or recycled.

Depending on the condition of your instrument, we will:

  • Sell it - we'll restore/ refurbish and sell as second hand. All our profits are donated to community music education projects so your old instrument will help young people who don't have access to music education opportunities.
  • Donate it - we regularly donate instruments to schools and community projects. Yours will go to a good home to be enjoyed by young people in the local area.
  • Recycle it - we'll use your instrument's working parts for repairs on other instruments and we'll recyle what can't be used.

If you're looking for an upgrade and your old instrument is in good enough condition, we'll consider a trade in for a new one which can be purchased via our shop on the day. All purchases made on 13 October 2018 qualify for a special Social Saturday 10% discount on the sale price. 

What do you have to do? 

It's simple, visit room 10 at Bromley Youth Music Trust (BYMT) any time between 10am and 3pm on Saturday 13 October and leave your old instruments with us. You'll be helping support music education in the local area.

Bromley Youth Music Trust, Bromley Youth Music Centre, Southborough Lane, Bromley, Kent, BR2 8AA.

Please note that to donate your instrument for Social Saturday, you will need to deliver it to BYMT. We are unable to arrange collections.

Thank you for supporting music education and helping young people access music lessons, ensembles and performance opportunities. 

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